CFSP Course Outline

The Certified Food Service Professional course is comprehensive and covers the following topics:


Overview of the Food Service Industry

  • Brief history of the food service industry
  • Macro view of the UK food service industry
  • Segmentation definition and review
  • Current trends and issues facing the food service industry


  • Understanding the roles and interdependencies of the key channel groupings
  • Emerging distribution strategies
  • Customer driven pressures

Food Service Facility Design

  • Appreciate the various elements associated with the development of a food service facility concept
  • Basic principles of design

Utilities Design Considerations

  • Basic utility facts and information/power configurations, etc.
  • Overview of the various utility options, the advantages of one versus the other

Approval Agencies and Processes

  • Legislation requirements for manufacturers and installers
  • The CE Mark and what it stands for

Food Safety

  • Food safety compliance - HACCP
  • The results on non - compliance
  • Dangers to health
  • Ensuring food safety - procedures and good practice

Ventilation, Third-Party Approvals

  • Basic design differences and how these affect an operation
  • The major approval agencies in the US and beyond

Food Preparation

  • Overview of the various food preparation processes
  • Various methods and systems for food preparation
  • Overview of preliminary preparation, cooking, pantry and bakery food preparation
  • Health concerns in the food preparation process

Receiving and Storage

  • Food management and rotation
  • Effective procedures
  • Design requirements and system types
  • How to sore food correctly
  • Stock control

Equipment Functions & Selection

  • An overview of the general equipment requirements for each of the primary functional areas
  • A brief overview of the general equipment specification process
  • How to match the right piece of equipment for the task at hand
  • Various purchase considerations

The Service Area and its Primary Functions

  • Brief review of the various types of “service” in use
  • The importance of efficient service area operations
  • Overview of the service area design requirements
  • Review of the service area equipment needs and requirements

Front of the House

  • Review of general design requirements and parameters
  • Table top considerations in the design process
  • Furniture considerations in the design process

Speciality Markets

  • Impact of supermarket /Deli and convenience store operations
  • Status of branded food service concepts
  • Food and drink sales from carts and kiosk sales
  • Public sector feeding and its unique requirements
  • Marine sector and unique features of sea-going galley kitchens

The Dishwashing Area

  • Overview of the dishwashing/hygiene process
  • General design parameters and considerations in the dish room
  • Equipment considerations

Cook-Chill Systems

  • A brief overview of the cook-chill process
  • The “when’s” and “whys” of cook-chill
  • Review of the market segments that can most effectively employ cook-chill production methods


  • Review the myriad smallwares product categories
  • Understand the purchasing and operational considerations associated with the various categories


  • Understanding the issues
  • Protecting the environment
  • Reducing utility bills
  • Energy saving equipment and systems

New Technologies

  • The importance of sustainability
  • Challenges for society
  • How to start and implement a sustainability programme
  • How equipment can be part of sustainability
  • The equipment and systems of tomorrow
  • Recycling