Certified Food Service Professional

The Programme

To successfully achieve the CFSP designation and the benefits that accrue, candidates must do all of the following:

  • read the study guide "Introduction to Food Service" prior to the seminar day.
  • attend a full day seminar before the exam.
  • study for and pass a comprehensive exam.

Audience & Requirements

Individual Profile

Individuals within the industry for whom the qualification will be most beneficial are likely to be:

  • Sales, marketing, customer service (although anyone working in the industry would benefit).
  • Upper and middle management.
  • Working for a manufacturer, distributor or end user in the foodservice industry.
  • Recommended 2 years experience in the industry (although the course is also useful for people new to the industry).
  • Interested in personal growth, ambitious, inspirational and competitive.


The types of organisations which might employ these individuals and are predisposed to engage with a personal development programme of this nature.

They are likely to be:

  • Involved in foodservice equipment or other foodservice/hospitality related products and services.
  • Manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or UK agent.
  • Engaged in or running customer training programmes.
  • Have senior management who encourage personal development and training amongst staff.

Key Benefits

To Accredited Individuals

  • Improve your personal competitive position.
  • Become more effective in your role - both within your organisation and the sector - by increasing and broadening your knowledge of the industry and demonstrating a more professional approach.
  • Recognition of your foodservice industry specific knowledge.
  • Gain industry recognition by achieving a qualification that is accepted and respected by key employers, industry bodies (such as FEA) and peers.
  • Enjoy the confidence, success and satisfaction gained by furthering your own personal development and growth.
  • Demonstrate your accomplishment by using the CFSP designation on business cards and other personal documents.

To Organisations

  • The only qualification for staff that is specific to the foodservice industry.
  • Show industry leadership by encouraging higher levels of professionalism within the sector and help to raise the profile of the ‘supplier’ community.
  • Compete more effectively through having a better qualified, more knowledgeable and more professional workforce.
  • Increase motivation and engagement amongst key customer facing employees by developing their own skills and knowledge as well as encouraging and facilitating their own personal and professional development.