Certified Food Service Professional

CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) is an industry specific professional qualification for the UK foodservice industry.

The CFSP programme takes a systemic approach to understanding the foodservice industry. The programme has been designed to provide all who undertake it with a general overview of the entire industry along with a close look at the various functional co-relationships and interdependencies that exist within a specific foodservice operation.

It looks externally from a catering operation and examines the interrelationships between all of the key industry constituents. The study guide and its corresponding seminar provide a general overview of the numerous areas and disciplines that go into an effective and efficient foodservice design and operation.

"Having spent all of my working life, delivering roles, in and around the hospitality sector, I thought that I knew 'quite a bit!.' This fabulous course signposted the areas that I didn't know and validated my existing knowledge. My knowledge is undoubtedly more rounded as a result of going through this training framework! I thoroughly recommend CFSP to all my hospitality professional connections, wherever you are on your journey!" - Jessica Gurley-Ward, CFSP accredited in 2021. 

How can you attain CFSP accreditation?

CFSP is open to anyone with a recommended two or more years experience in the foodservice industry.

To successfully achieve a CFSP qualification candidates are required to:

  • study for and pass a comprehensive test
  • attend a day-long pre test seminar
  • prove certain levels of experience in the industry
  • show personal development through the completion of recognised education/training programmes
  • demonstrate active involvement in the industry



Continuing Professional Education

The CFSP Programme is a CPD accredited training course by The CPD Certification Service.

You can view the CPD course overview here.




How much does it cost?

A payment of £1000 plus VAT, (£630 + VAT for FEA/FSCI members) covers the test programme and evaluation of experience. In return you receive regular updates and information to recognise your status as a CFSP accredited professional.

Any Questions:

Contact Jocelyn Shawyer at jocelyn.shawyer@fea.org.uk or 02077 933029